Integrative Intelligence Immobilienbewertung und Volumen ausserhalb der Handelszeiten

14.12.2018 – Release.

Implementation of the Integrated Intelligence Real Estate Evaluation

The Investor Admin has an option to choose multiple real estate evaluators. By defining the primary and secondary real estate evaluator you will benefit from the improved precision of the evaluations and their qualities. The resulting estimations will then be used as usual for all further calculations of LTV, affordability and interval classes

The Risk Carrier can specify the maximum available volume outside of the regular trading hours in his cockpit.

This feature allows you to regulate the overall volume per each one of your classes that will be available for blocking outside of the regular trading hours on the banking working days. Up until now, the Distribution Unit user could not place regular offers on the weekends. With this feature, Risk Carriers can parametrize in a controlled framework how much liquidity should stay available also after the trading hours


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